Your Daylight Savings To-Do List

Daylight Savings comes around twice a year.

While we could make a list of the pros and cons about ‘springing forward or falling back’ to determine which is better, instead we’ve compiled a super helpful daylight savings to-do list to keep your home in tip-top shape!


  1. It seems obvious, but don’t forget to change any clocks that won’t update automatically. This includes the microwave, stove, your car and even your alarm clock (if it isn’t your phone).
  2. Test and change the batteries in your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.


  1. Give your coffee maker a good scrub. Whether you have a Keurig, Nespresso or a drip coffee machine, running a solution of water and white vinegar followed by several cycles of just water will keep your coffee tasting great.
  2. Your oven is going to get an extra work out as the months get colder. Get it ready by getting it sparkling clean.
  3. Run water through any unused plumbing in your house. By letting the water flow for 5-10 minutes in the basement shower, garage sink or any other minimally used plumbing, you’ll prevent the drain from drying out and getting smelly.
  4. Dust your blinds and give your windows a wash. There is nothing like a spotless window to brighten up your day.



  1. Schedule an oil change, tire change or rotation and check your wiper blades. Staying on top of vehicle maintenance keeps you safe on the roads.
  2. Go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of any expired over-the-counter medications or old prescriptions. Your local pharmacist will happily accept anything you need to dispose of. Now is also a good time to check and restock your first aid kit.