How to Beat the Bugs this Summer

How to Beat the Bugs this Summer

How to Beat the Bugs this Summer

Summer is a time when most people look forward to spending time outdoors. Whether you prefer swimming or grilling, there’s nothing better than doing it outside.

One thing that probably prevents you from enjoying your backyard in the summer is all the bugs. As pleasant as summer is, it seems that the bugs enjoy it best of all.

Beating the bugs isn’t impossible though. You don’t have to stay indoors all summer just to avoid them either.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can beat the bugs this year and enjoy the great outdoors this summer.
Cover Your Food

Cooking outdoors or just enjoying a backyard picnic can be a lot of fun in the summer months. Unfortunately food is exactly what attracts all of the annoying bugs.

If you’re having a party or barbecue, don’t let food sit out uncovered for too long. Simple products like plastic wrap can keep insects away from your eating area and deter them from the food you’re going to eat.

Don’t let your food sit out for longer than it needs to either. If you have a lot of bugs in your yard, considering taking the food you cooked outdoors inside. Guests will be much happier with bug-free food even if they have to go inside to get it.


Discard Trash Immediately

You obviously don’t want a bunch of trash sitting around in general. It can however be easy to let things sit if you’re having a party or barbecue. That’s a big mistake when you’re trying to keep bugs from ruining your party.
Discard trash right away or make sure it goes into a sealed container.


Try Citronella

Citronella candles repel bugs. If you’re planning an outdoor party, they’re an absolute must for your table. Citronella torches in your yard can also keep bugs away. They also provide some ambient lighting for gatherings.
Wear Bug Repellent

Wearing bug spray might seem like an obvious way to keep bugs at bay, but it’s only obvious because it actually works. While bug repellent products containing chemicals are often effective, more natural versions can help as well.

When using bug spray, make sure you use enough to lightly cover your exposed skin. If you’re outside during the day, look for a bug repellent with an SPF rating of at least 30. That way you’ll avoid the bugs and that dreaded summer sunburn.

Make sure you reapply your bug repellent – especially if it’s your sunscreen too – as directed.
Bugs can ruin a summer event, but you don’t have to let them take over your yard. Use these tips to beat the bugs and enjoy the warm weather this summer.