aerial image of Ontario cottage

Common Myths about Owning a Cottage in Ontario

Ontario is a province that loves the cottage lifestyle. And why not? We’re lucky enough to have gorgeous wooded areas, scenic, secluded lakes and kilometers of freshwater beaches within hours of the province’s largest city. Even though we love it, there are a lot of misconceptions about owning a cottage in Ontario. Team Jordan wanted to break down some of those myths and share the facts – because owning a cottage may be closer than you think!

Myth: Only millionaires can afford to buy a cottage in this market.

While it is true that there are very expensive properties on popular lakes in the Muskoka area, for the most part, properties in Ontario ‘cottage country’ are reasonably priced.

The more willing you are to broaden your search area, the higher your chance of finding an amazing cottage that fits your budget. Southern Georgian Bay and Simcoe County are filled with great cottages and adorable small towns. Tiny Township, Wasaga Beach, Honey Harbour and Tay Township have lots of affordable waterfront acreage and are famous for their beautiful beaches and scenic forested trails.

beautiful view of a cottage on Georgian Bay

Myth: Cottages are a bad investment because you can only use them 4 months out of the year.

Cottages in Simcoe County and Southern Georgian Bay are a great investment as the area caters to outdoor activities year-round. While we all know the perks of having a cottage in the summer time, a winterized property close to ski-hills, ice-fishing and an extensive snow mobile trail network keeps your cottage in use year-round. Whether you and your family are enjoying the property or renting it out, there is no reason to close up the cottage after September.

In fact, you may discover you prefer the tranquility of the fall or the magical beauty of winter at the cottage vs the summertime. The off-season comes with the added bonuses of less traffic on the drive up, fewer people around and no bugs! Cottage deck on a sunny day

Myth: If you don’t own a home, you shouldn’t even think about buying a cottage.

In the last few years, more first-time buyers have been looking for alternative ways to own property versus the traditional starter home. This is especially true for first time buyers who currently work and rent in the GTA and feel shut out of the market there for multiple reasons.

Rather than a sprawling home in suburbia, this group is seeking a more rural space where they can spend time with friends and family and enjoy nature for years to come. While there can be some extra work required to secure mortgages and the proper insurance coverage, and there may be some additional property maintenance costs required, a cottage can be an amazing and highly affordable option for first time buyers.

Cute cottage in the woods.Myth: If your cottage isn’t on the water, it isn’t worth it.

There are several reasons why you should strongly consider looking at cottage properties that are not waterfront. The first and foremost being price. Lots that are not waterfront are often more affordable and typically have lower property taxes. You will also not have to deal with the maintenance costs associated with a dock or boat or the work required for basic upkeep.

A wooded lot is more private and peaceful than a home on the water, and often just as scenic. In Southern Georgian Bay, there are many secluded lots just a short walk to public access beach or lake. This provides all the perks of a waterfront property without the downsides!