Exterior Home Maintenance

7 Tips For Exterior Home Maintenance

Exterior Home Maintenance

After a very long and somewhat harsh winter, followed by a very wet Spring, your home may have taken some damage. Before we all get caught up in Summer it’s time to get out to see how your home faired. Then we can get the exterior home maintenance out of the way so that Summer sunshine is even sweeter.

The wonderful sunshine easily points out some of winters harshness such as leaf-filled gutters, cracked sidewalks, dead plants from last year’s flower beds to much more costly issues such as shingles.

We’ve assembled 7 tips to help you with your Exterior Home Maintenance:

  • Examine all shingles-prevent water and animal issues
  • Check for loose or leaky gutters – improper drainage can lead to water in your basement or crawl space – same goes for your downspouts
  • Low areas in the yard or next to your foundation should be filled with compacted soil to prevent any flooding –  will also prevent any pooling that will attract insects
  • Check your chimney for any signs of damage, have the flue cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney sweep
  • Power wash and fill any cracks on your concrete walls or walkways with concrete crack filler or silicone caulking then seal the concrete to further its life
  • Check all outside faucets for freeze damage, run the water and check all lines leading to it, inside and outside, to ensure there are no leaks – check to make sure your hose has no leaks as well before use
  • Check all your power equipment, change oil/gas to prepare for the seasonal use

Not a tip, but probably most importantly… you should create yourself a little sanctuary to enjoy the outdoors!!

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